How Are Deepfakes Dangerous For Actors Amid Rise Of Artificial Intelligence?

By admin Oct 7, 2022

The world of work is evolving. Individuals seeking autonomy and control over their own destiny are deserting large corporations in favor of freelance labor. However, artificial intelligence (AI) has created a new issue for the adult film industry.

AI has recently been abused to produce deepfakes, or adult-themed videos. This refers to the use of technology to create videos in which performers appear to say or do things that they have never done. The stars of adult films are quite concerned about this. Actress Demi Sutra revealed a disturbing anecdote. Someone utilized AI to create a phony film of her saying things she would never say, despite the fact that she consistently declines certain kinds of scenes. She became really agitated over this and concerned for the kids’ security.

There are tight regulations in the adult film industry. Everyone has an understanding of what they will and won’t do before filming. These guidelines are essential to preventing legal issues.

However, anyone can now use AI to make a video that appears authentic and features performers performing things they never consented to. There is no penalty associated with this. Not only does this misuse of AI occur on well-known websites. Mostly against women, it’s utilized to make fictitious videos of them without their consent. For actors who have acted in numerous scenarios, this is a major worry because it makes it simpler to create lifelike false footage of them.

A recent Hollywood strike focused a lot of discussion on the problem of AI misuse. The performers succeeded in obtaining regulations that restrict the AI uses of their photos. Adult film actors wish that they were protected by laws akin to this.

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