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Regional Australia

Requirements for a SIR (Provisional Visa)


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Participating state and territory government



All SIR (Provisional) visa application applicants must meet the same basic requirements as other general skilled migration categories plus some additional requirements.

See: Basic Requirements

Applicants can apply offshore or onshore.  There are different requirements for each category.  For specific requirements that must be met in each category-

See: Applicants outside of Australia           

          Applicants who have a 'pooled' Skilled-Independent visa application

          Overseas student applying in Australia

           Applying for a second SIR (Provisional) Visa



All applicants for the SIR (Provisional) Applicants must provide evidence of their sponsorship when they apply for a SIR (Provisional) Visa

People wanting to apply for a SIR (Provisional) visa should contact the relevant state or government authority where they are interested in living, to find out about the sponsorship requirements. 


Participating state and territory governments

This is a list of state and territory governments participating in the SIR (Provisional) visa program.  This information will be updated as required.

New South Wales:

Northern Territory:


South Australia:



Note: Contact information for Western Australia is not currently available.  The Australian Capital Territory does not meet the definition of regional Australia for the purpose of the SIR (Provisional) visa


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Once a SIR visa holder has lived in regional Australia for 2 years and has been employed for at least 12 month*, they can apply for one of the following permanent residence visas:

Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (RSMS) Visa

State/Territory Nominated Independent (STNI) Visa or

State/ Territory Sponsored Business Owner Visa


SIR visa holders will need to provide evidence that they meet the requirements for permanent residence applicable at the time of application.

* Previous residence and employment in regional Australia on other visas cannot be counted towards satisfying the residential employment requirements necessary to apply for a permanent visa.


Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme

State/Territory Nominated Independent

Business Owner Category


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